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Willamette Valley Visitors Association Grant Program

Below is the grant application submission form. You will need to complete this form in one sitting. Download the Grant Applications Doc so you can prepare for the questions and easily copy and paste the answers into the form. You will need to answer all of the form questions to be considered for a grant. At the end of January this page may looks slightly different, as we will be launching our new website.


The mission of the Willamette Valley Visitors Association (WVVA) is: “to build awareness for the Willamette Valley as a premier year-round travel destination through marketing, sales and destination development. Serve as the regional DMO for the Willamette Valley and drive visitor expenditures and economic impact to all parts of the region”.

With passage of HB4146 Travel Oregon, the statewide tourism marketing organization was required to establish a Regional Cooperative Tourism Program (RCTP) to invest 20% of the statewide lodging tax in Oregon’s seven designated tourism regions.  WVVA serves as the appointed Regional Destination Management Organization (RDMO) for the Willamette Valley region and will implement the RCTP on behalf of the region.  A Willamette Valley stakeholders group was formed to advise and collaborate with WVVA on its RCTP.

A key component of the Willamette Valley RCTP is to make grant awards “to eligible applicants for projects that contribute to the development and improvement of Willamette Valley communities by means of the enhancement, expansion and promotion of the visitor industry.” 

WVVA’s Regional Grant Program applicants may apply for grants on an annual basis.  Each project requires its own application.  Applicants must demonstrate at least a 10% cash match. Applicants may apply for one or two projects. WVVA strives to be equitable to each of the 6 sub-regions.

Grant Program Resources:

Download the RCTP Guidelines (pdf) for eiligiliby and guidelines to apply. 

Have questions? Reference the FAQ resource page and if your questions isn't answered please email grants@oregonwinecountry.org

Grant Application Questions (.docx) - Download application questions to prepare your Grant Application
Required Budget Template - Must be downloaded and complete for application submission

Grant Application: 

Note: On the next screen you will need to have following documents ready to upload:

§  Grant Budget: Must use provided template 

§  Grant Timeline: Project timeline, including benchmark dates outlined in the Grants Guidelines and approximate grant project planning meeting dates, project benchmarks, etc.

§  If your grant project involves signage of any kind, you are required to gather and submit letters from all required local, regional or state sign authorities involved demonstrating approval to place signage on their land/property during the timeframe of the grant

§  Marketing projects: If producing collateral, you must describe your distribution plan, including budgeted costs



I have read the final grant guidelines *
I plan to apply for two projects *

I have talked to my local DMO about my project *

Project Title *

Grant Amount Requested *

Total Project Costs

Entity Name *

Entity Mailing Address *

Entity Phone Number *

Grant Application Contact Name *

Grant Application Email Address *

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Grant Project Contact Name *

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Select which of WVVA’s Key Initiatives your project aligns with

Maximize the economic return on public and private investments in Willamette Valley Oregon

Drive shoulder season-oriented travel from the Willamette Valley’s key domestic and international markets by aligning and optimizing local opportunities

Develop destination-based products that are in concert with the Willamette Valley’s natural environment, support the stewardship of the state’s resources and its rich history

Tie into one of WVVA’s marketing pillars: Wine events, Wine + Culture, Wine + Food, Wine + Family, Wine + Outdoors & Wine + Agriculture

Provide strategic industry professional development and training opportunities

Select tourism region(s) your grant project impacts:

Clackamas County

Yamhill County

Marion County

Polk County

Linn County

Lane County

Benton County

Narrative Questions (250 word limit for each response)

Describe the project for which funding is requested. Details should include the primary goals and objectives of the project. If your grant project is approved, this description will be used to highlight your grant so be specific as possible when describing the grant project elements.

250 Words Remaining

Describe the need for your project.

250 Words Remaining

What is your long-term plan for your project?

250 Words Remaining

How will you measure the success of your project in both the short and long term? Be as specific as possible.

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  * Please Enter All Required Fields