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Truffles and Terroir in Yamhill Valley

December 15, 2016 | Karla Erovick

Our fabulous climate produces the most amazing ingredients that end up on chef’s tables throughout the valley. And of course we have award-winning wine to pair with all of this deliciousness.

You may have heard that it rains a lot here in the winter.  Yes it does. But all that moisture creates the perfect climate for growing truffles. This January, truffle enthusiasts will descend on the Yamhill Valley to eat their fill of the black and white fungi, paired perfectly with our earthy Pinot Noir.

If you adore truffles then you will enjoy this opportunity to sample truffles and experience the creativity of our chefs in preparing memorable truffle dishes. You can even meander through our truffle themed marketplace in search of locally crafted gourmet items that enhance truffles, all available to purchase.

As culinary experiences go, the Black & White Dinner series is something you are unlikely to forget. Imagine being a guest at one of these intimate meals, enjoying a multi-course truffle menu perfectly paired with local wine and prepared by our most talented chefs and held in the charming town of McMinnville.

If you are the outdoorsy type you might enjoy a foray into the woods to hunt for truffles followed by a winery lunch. It all starts with a walk through the forest in search of truffles, assisted by skilled truffle hunters and truffle dogs (yes, there is such a thing).  After foraging for truffles, the reward is a decadent seated lunch at one of our local wineries. The wine is carefully chosen to bring out the best in the truffle-centric menu. Best of all any truffles that you find are yours to keep!

Come immerse yourself in Yamhill Valley where you will find over 300 wineries a short drive away, great restaurants, lovely accommodations and a warm welcome wherever you go.

For more information or to purchase tickets for the Oregon Truffle Events.