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Matt Wastradowski | 12/08/2020 | Events, Fall, Seasons, Willamette Valley Regions, Winter, Yamhill Valley
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Fromage Blanc and Fata Morgana Cheese Spread

About the Recipe:

Matt Bennett, chef at Sybaris Bistro in Albany, recommends this Fromage Blanc and Fata Morgana Cheese Spread this holiday season because it reminds him of holiday gatherings – those we may not be able to attend this year due to COVID-19. 

Whip it up for yourself or your small family gathering this year and see how this rich spread offers a clear contrast to blue cheese and other hard cheeses on large party platters. The hazelnuts, olive oil, and garlic add a complex blend of flavors that betray the recipe’s quick and easy preparation.

Even if you’re not getting together with loved ones this holiday season, Bennett suggests mixing a batch and sending a jar to those you would otherwise spend time with. “That way, they can have a party at their place,” he says. 

And of course, the recipe—long on local ingredients—showcases the best of the Willamette Valley. (Durant's award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for instance, is sourced from the company's grove just outside Dayton.) “This particular region, we have so much all the time, that we tend to forget how much actually grows and gets produced here,” Bennett says. 

The recipe uses some ingredients currently available on the Built Oregon marketplace, which recently launched to support the work of makers and creators based in the Beaver State. We're excited to support their efforts with this recipe, and we encourage you to shop local this holiday season.

Matt Bennett, chef at Sybaris Bistro in Albany, shares a recipe for a decadent cheese spread. Bennett's restaurant is known throughout the Willamette Valley for its upscale, farm-to-table fare.



  1. Place Fromage Blanc cheese, Fata Morgana cheese, six eggs, hazelnuts, garlic, and chives into a food processor.
  2. Process until smooth.
  3. When smooth, slowly mix in olive oil.
  4. Optional: Garnish with any remaining chopped hazelnuts.
  5. Serve with pita, gluten-free bread, or crackers.
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