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Uncover the Oregon Truffle this Year

Stephen Hoshaw | 01/16/2018 | Cuisine, Culture, Eugene, Cascades & Coast, Farm Agritourism, Outdoors, Wine, Winter

Did you know that Oregon is home to varieties of truffles? Embrace the cool Oregon weather this winter and discover this amazing culinary treat waiting just beneath the soil.

The Oregon Truffle is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after foods in the state – and the best time to discover them is right now! Between the months of December and February, Oregon Truffles are ripe for foraging through the Willamette Valley. The best way to locate the perfect truffle is with a trusty sidekick. Truffle hunting dogs have quickly become the mainstay of foragers looking for the ideal delicacy.

Discover everything about this food at the Oregon Truffle Festival this year! Now in its 13th year, this event offers elegant weekend experiences like truffle hunts paired with winery luncheons, a truffle dog championship and the exclusive Grand Truffle Dinner to cap it all off.

Before heading home for the week, make sure to check out the Eugene Fresh Truffle Marketplace for a signature truffle tasting and demonstration experience with fresh Oregon Truffles. The aroma is incredible!

Visit the Oregon Truffle Festival January 26, 27 and 28 in Eugene this year. Come a day early for the Joriad North American Truffle Dog Championship on the 25th! Then visit the festival again when it arrives in the Yamhill Valley February 16, 17, and 18.

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