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I have read the final grant guidelines *
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Select which of WVVA’s Key Initiatives your project aligns with: *

Maximize the economic return on public and private investments in Willamette Valley Oregon

Drive off/shoulder season-oriented travel from the Willamette Valley’s key domestic and international markets by aligning and optimizing local opportunities (Shoulder/Off season is defined as October-April)

Develop destination-based products that are in concert with the Willamette Valley’s natural environment, support the stewardship of the state’s resources and its rich history

Tie into one of WVVA’s marketing family of brands: Wine, Culture, Food, Family, Outdoors & Farm

Provide strategic industry professional development and training opportunities

Select tourism region(s) your grant project impacts: *

Clackamas County

Yamhill County

Marion County

Polk County

Linn County

Lane County

Benton County

Narrative Questions (250 word limit for each response)

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Describe the project and scope of work of which funding is requested. Details should include the primary goals and objectives of the project. *

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Describe the need for your project. (How is this a need of overnight and day visitors to your area?) *

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What is the long-term plan for your project? (speak to the sustainability of the project) *

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How will you measure the success of your project in the short term? Be as specific as possible. *

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How will you measure the success of your project in the long term? Be as specific as possible. *

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Please explain your budget. Is your cash match secured? Clarify line items the grant funds would be spent on. *

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