A cozy craft beer haven in Albany

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The Calapooia Brewing Company is a lively, but cozy brewpub in the historic town of Albany, famous for its award winning brews. The brewery sits on the northeastern corner of Hill Street and Water Avenue and is in an off-the-beaten-path corner of downtown Albany near the Willamette River.  The pub may be tucked away, but  it’s easily accessible once you’re there, and the friendly vibe – and excellent beer – draws visitors in.

Calapooia BrewingThe beer: After purchasing the original brewery that had first opened in 1993, husband-and-wife team Mark Martin and Laura Bryngelson opened their new brewery business and named it after the Calapooia River, one of the two rivers that flows into Albany. The Calapooia has an award-winning lineup of seasonal and specialty beers;  the best-selling classic Northwest IPA is named RIPArian IPA.  It is massively hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Willamette and Centennial hops, and balanced with a malt finish.  Another popular brew is the Chili Beer, a truly unique beer that is medium-bodied and amber; minimally hopped and generously flavored with fresh Anaheim, Serrano, and Jalapeno peppers.

The food: Great food goes hand in hand with great beer. The chef at the Calapooia subscribes to the concept of sustainability, so only Oregon Natural Meat called  “Brew Beef” (which means it is Oregon beef that is fattened on spent brewery grain) is used.  The burgers are served on a steamed bakery bun with Beaver Brand sweet-hot mustard and other savory condiments and sides.

Brewery Tours:  You can taste the wonderful world of Oregon craft beer via a tour of the Calapooia Brewery. The Calapooia offers behind the scenes brewery tours with a chance to meet the brewers, who  make over 30 recipes a year and keeping up with the demand to supply beer for their own pub, as well as taps and bottled beer available around the state.

Entertainment: Calapooia Brewery offers live music every week.  Many local bands like playing the “’Pooia” because of the warm and friendly atmosphere and audience.

Bike Friendly:  There’s nothing like stopping for a delicious cold drink to quench ones thirst after a hard day’s ride on the nearby Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway.  The Calapooia Brewery is one of Oregon’s network of certified bike-friendly businesses.

Find it:

Calapooia Brewing | 140 Hill Street NE Albany OR 97321 | Phone: 541-928-1941 | www.calapooiabrewing.com


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