Build Your Itinerary

1. Create and Edit Trips to organize your itinerary items by day.
My Trips
  • Create a Trip to Start Planning!
2. Manage your Trip Selections here.
Trip Selections
  • Add Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions to your Trip to make them available for your trip.

To add additional items to your trip:
  • Return to the map explorer or wineries listing page.
  • Add desired restaurants, wineries, hotels or other attractions to your trip using the "Add to Itinerary" link.
  • Once you have added all your desired locations, select "View Itinerary" to return here and customize.
  • Use the "Create Trip" button to create your trip and begin customizing.
  • Click "Edit" under My Trips to view/print your itinerary, map your stops, or customize your existing trips.
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