Oregon Wine Country comes to the Portland International Airport

Going somewhere? From May 15th – August 7th 2018 get to PDX a wee bit early so you can stop by Alaskan Airlines Terminal C and check out what Oregon Wine Country has to offer for your next trip. Explore Oregon Wine Country, enter to win a free five-night adventure trip through the Willamette Valley, plus taste a bit of Oregon wine before or after your next flight. 

The Willamette Valley Visitors Association relaunched our award-winning Oregon Wine Country experience, “A Slice of Oregon,” at the Portland International Airport on May 15th. The creative and impactful display promises to educate, inspire and entertain travelers on the go, and offers a chance to win a five-night adventure package through the Willamette Valley.

A massive Pinot noir wine bottle containing a world of miniatures will entice travelers to take a closer look at what Oregon Wine Country has to offer and inspire their next trip. Peek inside the bottle to become immersed in a world of wine unlike any other. First sown by free-thinkers in the 1960s and 1970s, the finicky Pinot noir grape flourished in the Willamette Valley despite conventional wisdom, and now more than 500 wineries call it home. Wine varietals, topography and soil types are highlighted in the display, but travelers will also be delighted by details such as lush landscapes, independent craftspeople, small towns, waterfalls, wildlife, recreation and more.

Willamette Valley wines will be poured at eight locations throughout the airport between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on Friday, May 18th. Various tastings of Willamette Valley wines will also be offered throughout the 12-week exhibit. 

“We welcome visitors to the Willamette Valley, home to Oregon Wine Country, and hope they savor every minute they are here,” says Irene Bernards, Board President of the Willamette Valley Visitors Association, a non-profit organization that supports travel and tourism in Oregon Wine Country. “Savor the tastes, views and fragrances that make the Willamette Valley a ‘not to miss’ experience. Our ‘Slice of Oregon’ Pinot noir bottle welcomes visitors as soon as they arrive, showcasing Oregon Wine Country and all it has to offer.”

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